New York Comic-Con 2012 in New York, NY   10/12 - 10/14

This was our first time coming to New York Comic-Con, so we decided to up the ante a bit with two full sets of new costumes.  This was also a result of meeting lots of other awesome cosplayers at PAX East, nearly all of whom had multiple costumes, and nearly all of whom said they would be at NYCC.

We were blown away by the quantity and quality of costumes on display at this convention as well as the number of people on the show floor.  We had the good fortune of running into most of the aforementioned cosplayers from PAX East, some through careful planning and some through luck.  We even met a few more awesome people while waiting in line for the costume contest.  (We took second place in the costume contest on Saturday, by the way, being edged out of first by a first-rate Captain America and his trusty pal Hawkeye-in-purple).

We came away from this convention having learned a few more lessons - the right shoes are a must, don't plan on getting anywhere on time unless you're prepared to be extremely rude, don't take pictures in front of a green screen if multiple pieces of your costume are green, and the artists in Artists Alley are among the coolest people at the con.

Will we go back?  Almost certainly.

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