This is where you can find the "bonus features" of our website.


If you've ever wondered how we build all of our props and costumes this is where you'll find detailed break-downs and step-by-step instructions for some of our more complicated features.


Cosplayers are nothing without photographers to help make them look good.  We want to make sure all of our photographers get the credit they are due, so we've set up a space to show their work and point you to their pages!


This page showcases the concept art that Tori creates to guide us on our way.  This is the important first step when coming up with original costume designs or when trying to work out how a piece should come together.


Sometimes, when we're lucky, we get written about in newspapers and websites, or filmed by some of the amazing videographers that attend conventions.  Any time we track down one of these articles or videos we post it here!



There are many questions that we get asked on a regular basis when we're at conventions or on social media.  We attempt to answer some of the more popular questions here.


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