Here at Cool By Proxy Productions we have more to offer than just our pretty faces (but we offer those, too).


We have a few items that are generally available in our store! Be sure to check it out! We also often sell older or retired costumes, so if you're in the market for a great costume at a good price, be sure to check them out!


We have an entire page discussing commissions - go read up and see if we can build something for you!

Consultation & Concept Art

I see, you're a do-it-your-self kind of person. We here at CBP respect that; we're kind of the same way. Sometimes, though, you need help getting started or could use some experienced direction. That's where we come in. We can walk you through brainstorming a costume that you'll be happy with - what are your priorities? Comfort? Awe-factor? Accuracy? We can work with you to create concept art that can act as a template for your costume. We can discuss what materials would work best, where to find them, and what steps you'll need to take to transform those raw materials into a kick-ass costume.

Already know exactly what you want but can't visualize it? We also offer a "just concept art" service - email us for more information!


Cool By Proxy Productions is also available as cosplayers-for-hire. If you need to give your booth a boost we might be just the couple to do it. We'll create costumes custom-made for your product and be excited at the prospect. (Remember, we wouldn't be doing this if we weren't geeks, too.) We can help man your booth, act as a photo-op for con-goers, or wander the show floor spreading word of your product or brand - whatever suits your needs. You pay for time and materials of creating the costumes, room and board for the duration of the event, and entry to the event itself and in return we will provide a one-of-a-kind service that's sure to get you publicity and fan appreciation.


If you're interested in any of the services that Cool By Proxy Productions can offer then drop us a line at

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