Boston Comic Con 2014 in Boston, MA   8/10

The last time Tori and I had been to Boston Comic Con it was in the basement of a hotel in downtown Boston.  We're happy to say it has come a long way in the last 6 years!  As part of our "Road to Dragon*Con" we decided to finish Femris v2 and Dudeabela in time for Boston Comic Con so we could debut them and give them a trial run before the insanity in Atlanta.  I'm pleased to say it was a complete success!  We managed to finish the costumes (with whole hours to spare), got a surprisingly good reception from attendees (even if Josh did get a few calls of "Captain Jack Sparrow!"), and we know what needs to be changed before Dragon*Con.  We also kicked off the convention with a fantastic photo-shoot with Jeff Paradiso and ended it with photos by General Gau's Kitchen.  We'll definitely be heading back to Boston Comic Con next year!

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