CTC Geekfest 2017 in Killeen, TX   8/18 - 8/20

Our first CTC Geekfest has come and gone.  This was our first time actually having a booth at a convention!  We split the booth between our cosplay stuff, selling prints and props, and Tori's art (Feralkiwi Designs).  It wasn't a roaring success, but it was by no means a failure, either.  In the very least it was definitely a learning experience (the biggest lesson: wear comfortable costumes that will work well while sitting).

Tori ran a couple of panels on corsetry and post-apocalyptic painting.  The material from both of those panels will be posted on our site soon, so keep an eye out for that!

We also debuted a bunch of new costumes.  Tori's new Maya and Josh's Squirrel Guy were both definite successes.  Our new Overwatch costumes had some issues, but we've got a week until we need to leave for Dragon Con, so we have time to fix things!

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