Dragon Con 2013 in Atlanta, GA   8/30 - 9/2

We've officially survived our first-ever Dragon*Con!  There were several take-aways from this con:

  1. The photoshoots are absolutely incredible.
  2. Atlanta is too hot for many of our multi-layered costumes.
  3. There are a lot of really cool people that we were thrilled to get to meet!
  4. Random celebrity sightings are far more likely here than at other cons - we had dinner at the table over from Genelle Williams, Laura Vandevoort, and Brent Spiner!
  5. The dealer's hall is kind of a nightmare (filled with cool things)
  6. Atlanta is really hot in August.
  7. If you don't see a photoshoot for a particular group make one - you'll be amazed at how fast it grows.
  8. Oh, and Atlanta is kinda hot.  Did I mention that?
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