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Debut: PAX South 2016 - Captain Scarlett, Dragon Con 2016 - Captain Scarlett (Bunny), Captain Scarlett (Pool Party)

Other Appearances: PAX East 2016 - Captain Scarlett, Dragon Con 2016 - Captain Scarlett, PAX South 2017 - Captain Scarlett

Origin:  Borderlands 2 (Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC)

Since we can't stop doing Borderlands characters (ever) and Tori loves being a pirate, Captain Scarlett is a natural fit.  Josh made the hook, the grenades, the eyepatch, and the knee portion of the peg leg while Tori made the rest from scratch.

For Dragon Con Tori also made a couple of variants on Scarlett, including a bunny version with leather ears tucked into her heat and a pool party variant, complete with Pirate's Booty written on her... well... booty.

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