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Debut: Dragon Con 2015 - Butt Stallion (Pool Party), Dragon Con 2017 - The Bunisher

Sometimes we have costumes or outfits that don't really deserve a full page to themselves.  Maybe they're one-off jokes, or maybe we just didn't get very many pictures of them.  Whatever the reason, those cast-off costumes will have a home as variants here!

The Bunisher:

Since Tori wanted to do a Ghost Rider bunny (AKA Ghost Hopper), Josh decided to stick with the theme of Anti-Hero Marvel characters and do a bunny version of the Punisher (AKA The Bunisher).  Tori made her first male corset and some Punisher-print bunny ears while Josh found a woman's leather jacket, some hot pants, and some fishnets.  Josh then put together a bandolier of carrots to complete the ensemble.

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