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We first became familiar with Geeky Lens (AKA Photo Paradiso) when Jeff took some incredible pictures of our commissioned Arcane Green Lantern at PAX East 2014.  We were finally able to do a photo shoot with him ourselves at Boston Comic-Con.  He was a pleasure to work with, which is why after Dragon*Con we were excited to do another dedicated shoot with him, this time of the Atomic Hawks!  We finally got together for a third time at PAX East 2015, where we spent several hours across two days taking photos with Jeff.  He has certainly been cemented as one of our favorite photographers to work with.  As such, before we moved to Austin, we got together for a cold parking garage photoshoot where we got some shots of Nightmare Superman and Atomic Wonder Woman!

We weren't going to let something as trivial as moving across the country stop us from working with Jeff however.  When we flew up for PAX East we made sure to get in shoots with all of our new characters.

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