The Post-Con Blues
Posted by Josh at 12:51 am on September 10, 2015 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Once again Dragon Con has come and gone.  If you've just discovered us (likely due to images or activities at Dragon Con) then welcome! We'll be filling out our characters pages with pictures from the convention as they come in, but if you want to stay completely up to date then Facebook is going to be your best bet!

We'll likely be taking it easy over the next few months as we unwind, focus on the holidays, and then gear up for PAX South!

Posted by Tori at 1:09 am on April 3, 2015 @feralkiwi

Our page is a little quiet right now because we're preparing to move across the country! That means we're packing up all stuff and getting rid of older costumes/props we don't need (check out our store if you're interested!).

We'll be moving to Austin, TX at the end of the month! We're sad to be leaving the Boston area and all our awesome cosplay & photography friends but we're also excited to see what new adventure Austin may have in store for us!

Solas - Fossilized Jawbone
Posted by Tori at 10:34 pm on March 14, 2015 @feralkiwi

Wrote up a quick tutorial/technique guide to making a new bone (say, I dunno, a canid's jawbone :P ) look old or fossilized. I used this technique for my own prop jawbone for my Lady Solas cosplay after much searching on leatherworking forums (it's apparently a technique used by knife makers who use bone for the handle a lot). It was pretty easy and actually cheaper/faster than sculpting it and painting it.  I already had most of the supplies (leather stain, applicators, varnish, etc) since we do a lot of leather working projects.

Atomic Green Lantern - Arm Construct
Posted by Josh at 3:17 pm on March 10, 2015 @Alpha_Rho_Rho
One of Atomic Green Lantern's most distinct features is his giant construct arm.  I knew I had to nail it if I wanted to cosplay as the character, and I wanted it to actually look like a construct.
Ask us questions!
Posted by Tori at 3:56 pm on March 9, 2015 @feralkiwi

Got a question you've been dying to ask us but are too shy to? Or just haven't gotten a chance to?  We started an profile so you can ask everything you've ever wanted to about us (within reason obviously) and our costuming/cosplay! You can also always ask anonymously if you're shy!

Welcome to Cool By Proxy Productions! We're a couple in and out of cosplay that makes incredible costumes and props in our free time.

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