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Origin: Marvel Comics

When planning for Dragon Con, we were going to do some bunny versions of Ghost Rider and the Punisher. Tori then realized she could add real pants to her Ghost Rider costume and have a non-bunny version; unfortunately, Josh's Punisher costume was a bit farther removed from the standard version.  Josh still wanted something to wear with Tori's Ghost Rider, though, and we already had a bunch of supplies for Squirrel Girl from when Tori had been planning on making the costume.  Thus, Josh and Tori turned those supplies into the Unbeatable Squirrel Guy!

The shorts and shirt were sewn by Tori, the jacket, boots, and belt were modified by Josh, and the tail and ears were made by Josh.  The tail is open cell foam carved into shape and covered in faux fur.  While this costume came together quickly, it's a ton of fun to wear!

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