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Debut: CTC Geekfest 2017 - Daredevil: 76, Dragon Con 2017 - Daredevil: 76 (Pool Party)

Other Appearances: Dragon Con 2017 - Daredevil: 76, PAX South 2018 - Daredevil: 76, Havencon 2018 - Daredevil: 76

Origin: Overwatch

Josh wanted an Overwatch costume that hadn't been done a million times and was still reasonably comfortable to wear.  Soldier: 76's ode to Evel Knievel seemed like the best fit.  In the end it was really warm, and the stars kept wanting to peel off, but in spite of this it looked great and was well received.  Just as many people thought he was Evel Knievel as those who knew he was Soldier: 76, and a few even thought he was Elvis Presley.

Daredevil: 76 (Pool Party):

Josh stuck with the Daredevil: 76 theme for the Overwatch pool party at Dragon Con.  This let him re-use the wig and facial hair.  Tori sewed thematic shorts and a tank top, and even made Josh a red and white towel to be worn in place of the cape.  Josh found some ridiculous American flag sunglasses, and modified a Super Soaker to look more like Soldier's signature pulse rifle.  Tori then gave it that Daredevil: 76 patriotic paint job.

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