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Debut: PAX East 2013 - Maya, Dragon Con 2015 - Maya (Vladof Pool Party), PAX East 2016 - Maya (Captain Marvel), Dragon Con 2016 - Maya (Rapunzel), CTC Geekfest 2017 - Maya (Elven Eliminator/Last Call), Dragon Con 2017 - Maya (Mermaid)

Other Appearances: Dragon Con 2013 - Maya, PAX South 2017 - Maya (Rapunzel), Dragon Con 2017 - Maya (Elven Eliminator/Last Call), PAX South 2018 - Maya (Elven Eliminator/Last Call)

Origin: Borderlands 2

As soon as Tori first played Borderlands 2 she was immediately drawn to Maya.  Over the years she's cosplayed numerous versions of the Pandoran Siren, and even got inked with a real-life version of the character's signature tattoo!

Maya (Rapunzel):

Tori loves to design mash-ups and new versions of favorite characters, so she came up with another Maya skin - this time drawing inspiration from Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled.  She designed a Pascal-inspired gun that Josh built and she painted, as well as hand painting tiny flowers all over the body suit. Also, naturally, this time her class mod was a frying pan.

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