In The Press

Our costumes sometimes get written about.  Or filmed.  Here are some of those times:

PAX South 2016

  • IGN - Captain Scarlett and Johnny Springs were both caught by IGN's roving photographer.

Other 2016

  • Cos Couture - Josh's Lilith cosplay was featured in a Cos Couture article rounding up some of the best Liliths!

Dragon Con 2015

  • Rome News Tribune - On our way to a photoshoot on the Thursday before Dragon Con officially started we got interviewed and photographed by a local newspaper!
  • io9 - We were showcased in our voice-actor mash-up costumes
  • CBS46 - Tori was interviewed in her Jennifer Hale mash-up costume (and I make a brief appearance in my Nolan North) about what it's like showing off in the lobby at Dragon Con
  • Mineralblu - Our High Seas Hawk appear briefly in this Dragon Con cosplay video

PAX East 2015

  • BDCwire - our friend Nate Buchman wrote up a piece (and took a bunch of photos) for BDCwire that features us as Arcane Zatanna and Atomic Green Lantern (as well as many other great cosplayers)
  • Nerd Caliber - we were photographed by First Person Shooter and interviewed by Sparrow's Song of Nerd Caliber!

Other 2015

Dragon Con 2014

  • The Daily Dot - The Atomic Hawks are included as part of a post-con cosplay round up.
  • Exhibit City News - While the article has nothing to do with cosplay, the one picture of Dragon*Con they happen to use is of a Borderlands group we were part of.
  • Cosplay Music Video by Preston Jong - The Atomic Hawks make a couple appearances in this video, first at 1:39 and then Atomic Hawkman again at 3:46!
  • BuzWeaver - We show up slightly out of focus as Femris and Dudeabela at the 6:49 mark and then are featured as the Atomic Hawks almost immdediatly after at 6:57.
  • Being Carter Hall - Our Atomic Hawks had an article written about their design with a few pictures included.
  • Cos Couture - Our Atomic Hawks were featured as part 2 of Cos Couture's Dragon Con round-up

Boston Comic Con 2014

  • BDCwire - Our genderbent Dragon Age 2 costumes were caught by Nate Buchman for an article he wrote for BDCwire

ConnectiCon 2014

  • Beat Down Boogie - The Firehawk, Mordecai and her BFF Bloodwing are featured in this CTCon cosplay music video!

Other 2014

  • Opinions May Vary - We both got to be guests on the Opinions May Vary podcast and chat about cosplay (it was awesome)
  • Cos Couture - Maya - Tori's Maya costume was included in a list of 10 amazing Maya cosplays by Cos Couture!

New York Comic-Con 2013

  • io9 - Josh is featured as Gaslight Batman in "The Absolute Best Cosplay from New York Comic-Con 2013"
  • VIBE - Atomic Wonder Woman and Gaslight Batman make it on "New York Comic Con 2013: The 15 Best Costumes We Saw"
  • Entertainment Weekly - Gaslight Batman is one of the cosplayers featured in "N.Y. Comic Con 2013: You Wore WHAT?!"
  • Geeks Are Sexy - Both Atomic Wonder Woman and Gaslight Batman were featured in their NYCC gallery
  • Buzzfeed - The Gaslight Hawks were asked "What Is The True Cost of Cosplay?"
  • Fashionably Geek - Atomic Wonder Woman and Gaslight Batman were the featured costume for their gallery, and were later listed in "18 Of Our Favorite Cosplays from NYCC 2013"
  • Giant Killer Studios - We were featured in this cosplay music video as both Atomic Wonder Woman, Gaslight Batman AND the Gaslight Hawks.
  • The Construct - We're shown promoting Infinite Crisis in this video, posing with a bunch of other cosplayers.
  • George Dugong - Atomic Wonder Woman and Gaslight Batman make it into another cosplay music video, with a really great shot of Gaslight Batman's power pack.

Dragon*Con 2013

Watch City Festival 2013

  • Boston Globe - A brief interview with us as the Gaslight Hawks made its way onto

PAX East 2013

  • Nerd Caliber - Nerd Caliber caught up with us on Day 1 of PAX to interview us as Maya and Zer0.  Zer0 is the silent partner in that relationship.
  • Wizard Business TV - We appear as Geralt and Iorveth to briefly pimp Wizard Business TV.

New York Comic-Con 2012

  • The Verge - Behind the Mask - We get interviewed as the Gaslight Hawks.  There is also a small feature on Tori as Hawkgirl!
  • Newsarama - Andrew from Newsarama runs into us as Joker and Harley Quinn!
  • Comicvine - Rich and Rob (who we both loved on Supernatural) interview us as Joker and Harley Q.  We're at the 22:10 mark!
  • io9 - We were honored as one of the "Absolute Best Cosplay of 2012"
  • Fashionably Geek - Joker and Harley Q were featured in a "couple that cosplay together stay together" article!
  • Buzzfeed - Our genderbent Joker and Harley Q were also featured in Buzzfeed's Best of Couples Cosplay of NYCC

PAX East 2012

  • The Boston Herald - Tori is featured in their article on PAX (published in the actual dead-tree version, too!)  Sadly the article has been archived.

PAX East 2011

  • G4TV Cosplay Video - Our Sonic & Tails are in this video in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.
  • Ashley Esquada - We get asked what gives a geek street cred, and Josh answers around the 30 second mark.
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