Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, GA   8/31 - 9/4
Thursday: Soldier: 76, The Bunisher Mercy, Ghost Rider
Friday: Shade, Varsity Hawkman Maya, Varsity Hawkgirl
Saturday: Shade, Squirrel Guy Maya, Ghost Rider
Sunday: Soldier: 76, Squirrel Guy Mercy, Ghost Rider
Monday: Soldier: 76 Mercy

Dragon Con is rapidly approaching and we're starting to get an idea of what to expect.  We'll have some Marvel-ous bunnies for you, with both of us in bunny suits for the first time.  We'll have multiple versions of Soldier: 76's Daredevil 76 skin and Witch Mercy (both their normal versions and pool party versions).  We'll have standard and pool party versions of both Shade (repeated from last year) and Maya (completely new versions for this year - including a mermaid tail!).  We'll have new, casual Hawks (I didn't feel like making giant wings this year).  And we'll have non-bunny Marvel characters as well. We'll be busy with both personal and group photoshoots (many of which Tori is helping to run), but I'm sure there will still be lots of fun and absurdity to be had!

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